2013 NCAA Final Four Predictions


For fans of college basketball, there’s no doubt that Saturday, April 6th will be a day to look forward to as the 2013 Final Four is set to take place in Atlanta, Georgia in the Georgia Dome.  (4) Michigan will be facing off against (3) Syracuse and (9) Wichita State will rumble with (1)Louisville. This is sure to be a must-see day in sports with three power programs and this year’s Cinderella team in Wichita State set to make their bid to play for a National Championship on Monday April 8th.

Over the weekend, these four teams laid it all out on the line as all of them had plenty to play for. So what did these games show us? If you must ask, it’s that defense wins Championships. Although this may be too bold a statement, we saw what a strong defensive performances can do for a team, especially during the Syracuse-Marquette and Louisville-Duke games. Whether it’s taking a team out of their rhythm or just completely de-moralizing them, there’s no doubt that defense will be key in the 2013 Final Four.

This coming Saturday, we’re going with two teams who seem to be playing the best defense right now. Not only can these teams amp up their intensity on the defensive end, they also have enough ammo on the offensive side to close games out. With that said, we’re picking Louisville and Syracuse to be the two teams fighting for a National Championship on Monday, April 8th. Both these squads showed tremendous poise in recent games and are riding the hottest hands of all these teams. Michigan and Wichita State are formidable teams themselves and have definitely earned their right to be playing in the final four. However, Michigan is too young and streaky while Wichita State is not quite there on the talent side of it all. These two will find out what a stifling defense can do to their teams and the brick wall they hit will be too strong to break through.

Stay tuned for our National Championship Picks. In the meantime, be sure to gear up with the latest in Final Four merchandise. See you there!