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Why Notre Dame Wins The 2013 BCS Title Game

Alabama will take on Notre Dame for the right to be called the national champion in college football. While most pundits believe that Alabama will win this game in a rout, there is a reason why they play the game on the field. While Alabama does look like the better team on paper, Notre Dame will win this game.

Notre Dame Played The Tougher Schedule

While Alabama was playing Western Carolina, Kentucky and Auburn, the Irish were playing Oklahoma, Michigan State and Stanford. All of these games were true tests that helped Notre Dame become a stronger team. Although many people consider the SEC to be the best conference in America, there is nothing to be gained from beating teams like Western Carolina or Florida Atlantic.

Notre Dame Has The Better Defense

Alabama finished the season with four shutouts. They also finished giving up fewer points per game than Notre Dame. However, Alabama struggled against teams with so much as an average offense. For the season, Alabama gave up roughly 9 points per game. Against ranked opponents Texas A$M and LSU, the Crimson Tide gave up an average of 23 points per game. Georgia was able to put up 28 points against the Crimson Tide defense in the SEC title game. Other than a 26 point outburst by Pittsburgh, no team scored more than 17 points in a game against the Irish defense.

Notre Dame Has A Chip On There Shoulder

Notre Dame is a team that has been disrespected all season. This plays into the hands of coach Brian Kelly and defensive captain Manti Te’o. They are both emotional people who will have no problem getting the rest of the team fired up and wanting to prove to the world that the Fighting Irish are a team to be reckoned with. There is a good chance that Alabama will be flat to start the game simply because they have underestimated Notre Dame. If this happens, look for Alabama to be down 14-0 early.

The 2013 BCS title game should be one of the best in recent history. The two teams are evenly matched and feature great players on both offense and defense. However, the Irish have played a tougher schedule, have played a consistent brand of defense and have the emotional leaders who can get Notre Dame ready from the opening kickoff. These are all reasons why Notre Dame should beat Alabama for the title.

Predicted Final Score: Notre Dame 17 Alabama 14

Red White And Hoosier: Candy Stripe Pants

The University of Indiana Hoosier basketball team has a tradition of wearing red and white candy striped warm-up pants at the beginning of each game. The men’s team runs out on the court behind the cheers of similarly clad followers, while the sight easily garners crowd attention from audiences backing both sides.

There are no historical credentials to back up who started the pant color theme, making it inconclusive of who gets blame or credit for the creation. But the stylish practice has stood strong, as there are no attempts by the university or fans to halt flashing the red and white colors at every game.

The Harlem Globetrotters wore the standard jerseys and shorts that were common during their early years, but they fashioned a red and white striped design in playing shorts in the 1940s. The Tennessee Volunteers started wearing orange and white striped warm-ups in the 1960s, but soon afterwards discontinued wearing them in favor of their solid colors.

Indiana University Hoosiers began their striped pants tradition in the early 1970s, under teams coached by Bob Knight. The true school colors are actually crimson and cream, but coach Bob Knight and then football coach Lee Corso brought the brighter red and white colors into play for team uniforms. However, during the early 2000s, the uniform colors were changed back to the original crimson and cream to conform with the official school color tradition.

The IU candy striped warmups are more popular than ever as Hoosier basketball games are marked by seas of red and white striped supporters, who purchase the pants at various outlets. This unique atmosphere gives an air of advantage to Indiana when comparing school spirit and support. Many games are played and forgotten, but seeing the beginning of an Indiana University basketball game warmup is something most fans remember.