Does John Wall Deserve An $80 Million Contract?


Washington Wizards point guard John Wall is close to receiving a maximum contract extension that will keep him in Washington for the next five years. While fans of the Wizards are surely happy to keep their young star in town for the long-term, is he worth the $80 million that he will get from the team?

He Is The Face Of The Franchise

At the moment, John Wall is the only marketable player that Washington has. That means that Wall is right to demand the extra money to stay put. Although the Wizards have not made the playoffs since he joined the team, it is hardly his fault. Over the course of his career, he has averaged 16.9 points and eight assists per game.

That puts him near the top in both categories for point guards over the past three years. In 2013, he averaged 18.5 points and 7.8 assists. Considering that a point guard is a player that you want to build your team around, it’s a good thing that he is staying.

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How Does His Contract Compare To Other Players?

Another good way to determine the market value of a player is to see what other players at a similar age with a similar skillset were able to get. For example, Jrue Holiday of the New Orleans Pelicans is making $11 million per year over the next four seasons.

Rajon Rando of the Boston Celtics is making an average of $12.5 million over the next two seasons. While he is a young player, he also has won a championship and been one of the top point guards in the game over the past three seasons.

Seeing what other top point guards make, you can conclude that John Wall is not worth $16 million a season based on what he has done for his team alone. If he was being paid based on his worth on the open market, he would be getting closer to $12 million a season.

What’s His Ceiling?

While he may not be worth the money he is being paid based on past production, you have to assume that he will get better. When Wall was in the lineup, the Wizards had a record of 25-25. That is compared to the 4-28 record that the Wizards suffered through when Wall was on the bench. If Washington had managed to go 41-41 last season, they would have found their way into the playoffs.

By stumbling over the past few years, Washington has been able to draft players to help build a team around Wall. This could be the year when the entire team comes together to make a playoff run and help cement Wall as a player to be reckoned with.

Is John Wall worth $16 million per season? At the moment, you could argue that he is overpaid based on what other top players at his position are getting paid. However, you can’t deny that he is the face and the future of the franchise. If he goes, it could set the Wizards back another three seasons. That is something that the fans just won’t tolerate.