Five Reasons Why This Has Been The Craziest World Series Ever


The 2013 World Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox has had its share of interesting moments through five games. In Game One Dustin Pedroia was the victim of a terrible call that could have changed the course of the game and the entire series. However, that would be topped just a couple of games later.

1) Both Fan Bases Are Passionate About Their Teams

This is one of the rare World Series match-ups where both fan bases are passionate about their teams. While fans of the Colorado Rockies and Florida Marlins were certainly happy to see their teams in the World Series in past years, the Cardinals are the top team in St. Louis and the Red Sox are what Massachusetts is all about. To put things into perspective, tickets to the Cardinals game against Boston on Monday night went for $400. Tickets to a Rams game in St. Louis that same night went for $10.

2) David Ortiz Is Hitting Over .700

It is rare that a player goes 3 for 4 in a single game. To see a guy getting a hit in 70 percent of his at-bats over five guys is ridiculous. In a sport where hitting .300 makes you are one of the greatest to play the game, Ortiz is in another stratosphere right now. There is a good chance that he is solidifying his claim to a spot in Cooperstown in several years.

3) Game Three Ends On An Obstruction Call

When you think of obstruction, you probably think about some political battle brewing in Congress. However, obstruction is a thing that end a baseball game. In Game Three, the St. Louis Cardinals were awarded home plate after the umpire determined that the Cardinals runner had been illegally tripped as he was trying to advance past third base. If St. Louis wins this series, that could have been the call that decided everything.

4) Jon Lester Is Pitching Out Of His Mind

Jon Lester will be the MVP of this series if the Red Sox are able to seal the deal on Wednesday or Thursday. In each of his two World Series starts, he has gone 7.2 innings while only giving up one run. On top of that, he has struck out 15 batters while only walking one. Among the pantheon of World Series pitching performances, this has to be among the best of the best.

5) The Series Could End On Halloween Night

The seventh and deciding game of the series would take place on Thursday night in Boston. With everything that has gone on in this series, it would only be appropriate that the two teams would settle things on a night traditionally known for pranks and other hijinks.

The Cardinals and Red Sox are closing in on the final chapter of their outstanding series. Regardless of who wins this series, the true winners are the fans of baseball and sports everywhere. Instead of looking ahead to the day when pitchers and catchers report in February, fans are going to be rewatching and reliving one of the greatest World Series in the last 10 years.

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