What Makes the Super Bowl So Controversial?


The 47th edition of Super Bowl, according to both fans and critics, was the greatest Super Bowl ever held with the Ravens narrowly beating the 49ers to clinch the title of champions. However, it also became notorious for an unexplained power outage 13:22 into the third quarter and R&B superstar Beyonce flashing an illuminati sign during her performance which led to a public outcry and media speculation before the event was over.

The problem with Super Bowl Sunday is that despite of it being the greatest sporting spectacle on earth, it is also the hub of some of the greatest controversies in the history of professional sports. Whether these scandals are staged to generate publicity ahead of football’s mega-event or they are genuine remains unclear. But one thing is for certain. Where Super Bowl goes, scandals follow.

Let’s face it; controversies might have a part to play in those rapid NFL Tickets sales. Here are some of the most scandalous moments in the history of this sporting spectacle.

Super Bowl XIII

Prior to Super Bowl XIII then Dallas Linebacker Thomas Henderson told the media that Pittsburgh Quarterback Terry Henderson “couldn’t spell CAT if you spotted him the C and the T”. Of course everyone knows that it was Bradshaw who had the last laugh when he won Super Bowl MVP with 318 yards passing and 4 touchdowns which led to Steelers winning the coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Super Bowl XLI

Couple of weeks prior to Super Bowl XLI the cops raided the home of the Chicago Bears Defensive Tackle Tank Johnson and uncovered 6 unregistered firearms including 2 assault rifles. Johnson, who was probably preparing for a Zombie apocalypse, had to appear before a circuit judge and plead before him to leave the state so that he could participate in Super Bowl XLI after his team won the NFC.

Super Bowl XXXI

Green Bay Packers Quarter Back and 20 year veteran Brett “Gunslinger” Favre had an interesting 1996 season. On one hand he was named MVP and on the other he struggled with his alcohol and painkiller addiction. The legendary player was spotted partying on Bourbon Street in New Orleans couple of days prior to the beginning of Super Bowl XXXI. Fortunately for him he went onto win the Super Bowl 35 – 21 against the New England Patriots.

Super Bowl XXXV

Baltimore Ravens Linebacker Ray Lewis was arrested after a party when two men were found dead outside a nightclub. Fortunately for the greatest Linebacker of all the time the murder charges were dropped. He subsequently made a successful appearance at the Super Bowl XXXV where he won the championship ring and was named MVP.

Super Bowl XXXVII

Oakland Raiders Center Barret Robbins was sent home during Super Bowl XXXVII by Coach Bill Callahan for not taking his bi-polar medication and being in no position to play.

Super Bowl XX

Chicago Bears Quarter Back Jim McMahon “mooned” the media helicopters that were hovering above the Bears practice facility couple of days prior to Super Bowl XX to figure out if he had recovered from his strained gluteus. McMahon thought he’d give the reporters a very clear view of his injury and decided to bend over and bare his ass.

Super Bowl XXXIII

This is probably the funniest Super Bowl scandal ever. Just days prior to Super Bowl XXXIII, Atlanta Falcons Defensive End Eugene Robinson was honored with a Bart Starr Award for being a man of high moral character.

A day before the game he was arrested for picking up a prostitute who turned out to be an undercover cop. To add insult to injury, on game day he couldn’t play well which resulted in his team’s 34 – 19 loss at the hands of the Denver Broncos.

Super Bowl I

It was the very first Super Bowl when the very first controversy started. Green Bay Packers Wide Receiver Max McGee didn’t think he would make the team for the mega event and decided to party all night, drinking all over LA.

Come championship game the legendary Vince Lombardi decided to send McGee in. What happened later is history. A severely hung-over McGee completed 7 passes for 137 yards and 2 TD’s as the team won 35 – 10.

Super Bowl XLI

Super Bowl XLI’s half-time show is popular for one thing only. A silhouette image of recording artist Prince created by spotlight on a huge curtain, with his guitar placed between his legs. Prince played an entire guitar solo in that position which made him look like he was jerking off.

 Super Bowl XLVIII

Who can forget Super Bowl XLVIII? Justin Timberlake “accidentally” ripped the top of his duet partner Janet Jackson during the performance to reveal her glorious assets to the world. This MTV produced segment led to a public outcry and set the social media websites abuzz.

One thing has become certain. Controversies are to Super Bowl what flowers are to bees.